Registered Polarity Practitioner Course Curriculum

Spinal Balancing

This course focuses on the spine as the “tree of life”. The student learns to evaluate the spine structurally and energetically through visual observation and palpation, using the six-pointed star pattern as the guideline. Then specific manipulations are learnt so as to align the sacrum or “sacred bone” with the spine and cranium so as to facilitate the flow of energy from the ultrasonic core to all parts of the body. Techniques include muscle and vertebra releases, stretch releases, positive force muscle contacts, low impulse leverage, sacral balancing and pelvis/hip adjustments.

Autonomic Nervous System and Five Point Star

The autonomic nervous system is the interface between the mind and the body. In this course you will learn how to bring balance to the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous systems through specific Polarity techniques to release holding patterns in the spine, the perineum and the coccyx. This work will be taught with reference to the five point star pattern of the energy field.

Deepening the Elements

Each of the elements will be studied in greater depth to include more specific work on the colon, the digestive system, the uro-genitary system and the lymphatic system and how to support the bodywork with nutritional evaluations and recommendations.

Cleanse Group

You will learn the art of cleansing through a process of self-exploration. The emphasis of this course is on cleansing the whole being and finding your own pace. Various cleansing techniques will be employed in order to rejuvenate ourselves on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. In order to follow the progression in our personal and group process, this course will be integrated into the various weekends of the R.P.P. course in seven 3-hour sections.

Communication and Counselling II

In part II of the counselling course we will review and master the skills learned in the basic counselling and learn new skills with reference in particular to boundary issues, addictive behaviour, dysfunctional thinking, co-dependency. We will also learn how to recognize the five elements in the counselling process and how to formulate strategies based upon this understanding.

Polarity Cranial Balancing I & II

According to Dr. Stone, “ the life-breath of the prana current moves in the cerebrospinal fluid conductor to all tissues and cells…like a living cosmic breath”. In this course you will learn how to feel the subtle “primary respiratory pulse” of the cerebrospinal fluid in the cranium and throughout the body. This awareness is then used to unwind the knots in the fascia, often releasing the mental and emotional components of the tension oin the process, and clearing the cellular memories.

In part one we focus on the sacrum and occiput as well as the frontal, parietal, temporal and sphenoid bones. In part two we deepen our understanding of the relationship between the sphenoid and occiput and learn how to unwind each of the facial bones.

Energetic Nutrition

Learn to recognize the elemental qualities in the world of food. Take eating histories and analyse them to help your clients to come to a greater awareness and guide them to a more balanced relationship with food.

Advanced Supervision and Study Group

Work with clients under direct supervision and receive guidance and feedback. You will also have an opportunity to bring specific cases which are challenging to you, to be examined in a way that sheds light on your process, especially in relation to transference and counter-transference.

Polarity Exercise

Combines stretching postures with breathing and sound to increase vitality and flexibility and balance the five elements. You will learn how you can use the exercises to support and empower your clients in their healing process. This will be integrated into the other weekends.

Business and Professional Ethics

Managing the financial aspects of your Polarity practice and understanding professional ethics are essential for a balanced and successful practice. This class is to empower you to become successful on all levels, strengthening your boundaries and business skills and honouring your work in life.


This process is a rite of passage to private practice in the healing arts. It is a powerful process which involves the use of videotaped sessions, and is an opportunity for personal and group empowerment with one’s peers and instructor.

Additional requirements

*70 one-hour sessions given and documented

*10 one-hour sessions received from an R.P.P.

*25 hours of electives

*Completion of at least 50 hours of anatomy/physiology

*Give one-hour talk on Polarity to a group

Graduates will receive certification as a Registered Polarity Practitioner with the U.K.P.T.A. and A.P.T.A.