Polarity Therapy Treatments, Gower, WalesPolarity Therapy is an Ayurvedic system of energy-balancing which has incorporated osteopathic and craniosacral methods of treatment. A Polarity session involves gentle contacts on acupressure (marma) points to release the life-energy and allow it to re-establish a normal balanced flow. This process results in a deep relaxation for the client, allowing for a release of tension and chronic pain. It also provides an opportunity to discover more about mental and emotional blocks and how to develop a positive attitude towards life.

Holistic Treatments are available as part of our Ayurveda Retreats, and can also be booked as individual sessions.

Individual Sessions of Ayurvedic Bodywork can also be booked at Seren Retreat. First appointment is £50 and subsequent sessions are £45 or £120 for a series of 4 sessions.

To book a session, please call 01792 371421.