The Polarity Wellness Network

The Polarity Wellness Network offers a professional training programme consisting of two parts – the Foundation Course and the Registered Polarity Practitioner course – and takes 40 days of training altogether in a series of intensives. The programme is approved and certified through both the U.K. Polarity Therapy Association and the American Polarity Therapy Association. Our network of centres has been providing high-quality training in Polarity Therapy for the past 35 years. Studying Polarity is an opportunity for personal growth and healing as well as providing a professional training in the healing arts. Over the years we have trained a large number of students to the level of Registered Polarity Practitioner. In addition to Ireland and Wales, our network of centers includes New York, Los Angeles, Zurich and Geneva.

Polarity Foundation Course – begins Feb 18, 19, 2023

We are excited to be offering a new professional training in Polarity Therapy. This is an opportunity to learn a true healing art, taught by Rex Beynon and Faith Luke-Fennel. They each have been practicing and teaching Polarity Therapy for 30 years and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this field, which will inspire you in your personal and professional healing journey. …Read More